The Irish Green Building Council has just published much-needed research into the interaction of healthy buildings and productivity in offices. This is a field where there have been reports previously of the detrimental impact of sick buildings on productivity, staff retention, staff health, sick days and other associated business costs. Now a comprehensive report is available for building owners and developers to understand this complex inter-relationship. It will assist designers in the education of clients on the benefit of investment in good design and good building practice. The report is available for download here.

This research is corroborated by our own recent experience in Ireland’s first PassivHaus Pharmacy, which is reporting excellent comfort performance and client feedback. Have a listen to what the client says about working in a bright, airy, thermally stable and beautiful environment;

No. 53 is such a pleasure to work in.  It ticks all the boxes, as they say. Even on a very busy day, we all remark on how the day has flown by. Our tiredness levels after a busy day are reduced, perhaps due to the airiness of the new pharmacy or the lack of fluorescent lights, or probably both. 

It doesn’t feel clinical like many pharmacies do. If I compared it to say, working in a hospital with white walls and floors etc. Well, this is different – it has become a very contemporary but a very pleasant environment to work in.

We are thrilled with it. The feeling of lightness, natural brightness, airiness is prob due to a number of factors but maybe mostly to the high curving ceiling at the entrance.


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